Magical Jewels is a fanswries by Pearl Kirishima. It follows the story of 7 girls who are jewels (a fancy feminine all female race). They live in Crystal Lake City which is a fan fictional place.

Story Edit

The story revolves around 7 girls, Ruby Akane, Citrine Khalifa, Topaz Kikawa, Emerald Midoriyama, Sapphire Hepburn, Diamond Villarreal and Pearl LeFevre, Jewels who were sent to earth due to their innropriet behavior. They were sent to Crystal Lake City, a place that has beautiful jewelry, bright colorful people and beautiful places to go while it also has rape, murder, crime and drug trafficking. It also has creatures called Jewel Monster which are creatures that feed upon human flesh. Under the watchful eye of Angel Aura Quartz, the seven are tasked to collect Gems to get back to Gem Utopia. Using their weapons and powers.

Development Edit

Pearl Kirishima decided to watch Attack on Titan, Madoka Magica and Tokyo Ghoul in one day. Because these three anime's were very popular and got Pearl Kirishima's attention she decided to come up with Magical Jewels. Thinking of the names were a bit difficult but she did it. She had never seen a series with gemstones as a theme so she decided that the theme would be gems/jewels. The series is dark and has crude humor.

The characters appear to look human unlike an other all female rock alien race. They appear to all look like white girls.

Characters Edit

Ruby Akane: Ruby is a red haired jewel whose interest are looking for books

and reading them. She usually reads the book first and if there's a movie she'll watch it. Her favorite books are Harry Potter and a The a Hunger Games. Her favorite Manga's are Tokyo Ghoul:re, Soul Eater, Soul Eater NOT, Naturo, Fairy Tale and Attack On Titan. She is very nice and polite. She is ranked 4th on Jewel hunting. She is very intelligent. She usually gets A's on her tests. Her jewel is located on her cheek. Her weapon is a red spear.
Citrine Khalifa: Citrine is a orange haired jewel who only take interest in money and weed. She is very popular among her fan base. She does not take her Jewel hunting seriously. She is focusing on her goal to make 1,0000 dollars on Earth before returning to Gem Utopia. She is basically rude and aggressive towards the people around her (Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Angel Aura Quartz, Glimmer, Glamour, Daisuke Hiroyuki and definitely Pearl. Her jewel is located on her front hand. Her weapon is a giant hammer.
Topaz Kikawa: Topaz is a blonde haired jewel who takes interests in food and partying. She is a fun person to be around. She like Citrine doesn't take her jewel hunting seriously only she has no goal. She is energetic, loud and always smiling. She likes to do fun stuff, go out to a bar, a night club or raves. She does get on everyone's nerves. Her jewel is located on her belly. Her weapon is a bow and arrows.
Emerald Midoriyama: Emerald is a green haired jewel who has interests in plants and nature. She is a shy and quiet person. She is very soft as well. She loves animals. Her favorites are bunnies and birds. She may be soft hearted and nice but when angry she is very scary. Her jewel is located on her chest. Her weapon is a whip.
Sapphire Hepburn: Sapphire is a blue haired jewel who has interests of fashion. She is treated like a princess in Crystal Lake City. She was treated like one to in Gem Utopia. She has an interest in Ruby. Who knows why. She gets into fights with Citrine. Her gem is located on her eye. Her weapon is a fancy axe
Diamond Villarreal: Diamond is a whystria haired jewel who has interests in sweets. She is the strongest and toughest in the group. She knows how to fight. She never smiles. She is cold hearted. She hates Earth and wishes to go back to Gem Utopia. Her jewel is located on her back. Her weapons are katana's.
Pearl LeFevre: Pearl is a pink haired jewel who has interests in becoming accepted and how to be pretty. Pearl is usually bullied by Citrine. She is less popular out of all the girls. Pearl is a bit quiet but she can be psycho. She is kind and nice a bit quiet. She takes her job seriously because she hates earth and humans. Thinking Jewels are a superior race. Her jewel is located where her uterus should be. Her weapon is a gun.

Angel Aura Quartz: Angel Aura Quartz is the Jewel who watches the seven girls. She is a thick women who wears a beautiful white dress and has colorful long straight hair. She is usual struck when it's coming down to hunting Jewel monsters. Her jewel is located head. Her weapon is a AK 47.

Glimmer: Glimmer is a Black cat mascot. She is nice. She has red eyes and a red gem on its head.

Glamour: Glamour is a white bunny with gems on its ears. She gets abused a lot. She has a spiked collar around her neck. Has an eye patch to.

Locations Edit

Crystal Lake City A city that has Jeweelery, happiness and bright colors as well as rape, murder, crime and drug trafficking.

Gem Utopia: Where the seven Jewels came from. A planet that has an all female race called Jewels. It is a pink purple glittery planet that rains diamonds. It has a red moon and a hotpink star similar to the sun.